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Brazil: Part 3

Well our trip has finally come to an end. Just like last year Brazil has blessed us good times, great waves, and amazing people.  The contest was a blast and we still have one more blog post coming up that will show the random happenings throughout the 7 day event. For now I will leave you with our last session in Brazil where team riders Jason Wilson, Emanuel Embaixador, Bruno Sa, and myself scored some fun waves at a beach called Boicucanga. All of our flights leaving Sao Paulo were pretty close and the beach was "kind of" on the way to airport so we figured why not, and it turned out to be one of the more fun sessions of the trip. Sununga during the contest is quite busy with skimboarders so it was really nice to catch some waves all to ourselves. Even though the waves were much smaller here. We filmed the next tricks + tips video while here with Bruno Sá demonstrating the backside bigspin as well. Just want to thank everyone who made the trip possible and we are already looking forward to next year! Dave Scott  Photos from our Boicucanga session below! Photo Credit: Dave Scott/Jason Wilsona16 a2 a4 a28 a23 a24 a27 a26 a13 a10 a7 a25 a17 a22 a30 a32 a31 a20 a11 a12 a9 a29 a21 a14 a15 a18 a19 a3 a8 a6 a5

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