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Brazil Session: Toque Toque

Last week myself, Emanuel Embaixador, and a few friends arrived to Brazil to enjoy all the amazing things the country has to offer. Our first skim session turned out to be really fun at a small beach called Toque Toque. There was no siders this day but there was good frontal wraps with a backwash that would let you slide out extra far, to even the biggest sets. Was a great first session and we will keep updating our trip here on the blog. Check out some of the photos from the session below. Dave Scott Photo Credit: Thais Racy Dave 4 Dave 5 Dave 6 Mega 2 Mega 8 Dave 8 Mega 6 Mega 7 Dave 10 Dave 11 Dave 12 Dave 13 Dave 14 Mega 10 Dave 7 Mega wrap Dave 9 Mega 5 Dave 3 Dave 1 Dave 2

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