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Bruno Sá Takes 3rd Place

Congrats to team rider Bruno Sá for taking 3rd place at the TartaSkim Festival in Northern Brazil this past weekend. What a fun looking wave! Brazil has so much to offer and we are excited to see the sport growing each year. Photo || Tarta Skim 14568176_1214411738597520_432447051612668642_n 14615621_2142351605990876_6081552890666687902_o 14692113_2142348055991231_6426998939163176562_o 14711575_2142348205991216_1439579705234312644_o 14711233_2142330962659607_1278587396903869458_o 14692163_2142351732657530_4969674222911365077_o

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