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Cape Verde Sessions

April 9th, Africa - Mega and I have been riding all sorts of waves on the island of Sal, Cape Verde this past week. I have been kite skimming a bunch while Mega has been surfing and paddle skimming. Today was the first day we were able to find some fun skim.  This place has tons of potential and there are many locals that enjoy skimming here as well. We will be hosting a small event this weekend here in Santa Maria and will be on the lookout for new skim spots. So keep an eye on the blog. Check out some photos from the trip thus far below. Dave Scott Photo Credit: Dave and Mega MEGA Africa skim1 Skim6 Skim4 Skim7 Skim3 Skim5 Skim2 Mega skim 1 Mega skim 3 Mega Skim 2 Dave kiteskim 2 dave kite1 Dave kiteskim 4 Dave kite 5 Dave kite 3 Dave kite 2 Dave kiteskim 1 Mega Surf 3 Mega surf 2 mega surf Mega surf 1 Dave kiteskim Dave kiteskim 3

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