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Classic V-Bah Session

Check out Jed Currington and friends enjoying a classic Vilano (V-Bah) Session. Winter V-Bah sessions are like no other. Empty beaches and perfect skate park style waves. Plus, Florida winter really is not real winter. Enjoy! Photos by: Tami Blaylock i-j6RMzwB-1732x1152 i-c8ntpRd-1732x1152 i-Gzhnzzd-1732x1152 i-BsGkCMZ-1732x1152 i-sQKLJvB-1732x1152 i-FpfqfvP-1732x1152 i-c5Srt9k-1732x1152 i-gcR7pLG-1732x1152 i-SSVhLKC-1732x1152 i-wfFrJpm-1732x1152 i-V9bD9Mj-1732x1152 i-4Wwcm99-1732x1152 i-tqwmPsj-1732x1152 i-W7D8Hvq-1732x1152 i-RWTxxTs-1732x1152 i-9MGbMtr-1732x1152 i-WSTcrKS-1732x1152 i-4BmPtxH-X3

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