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Day 2 of the Vilano Pro/Am

Day 2 at the Vilano Pro/Am  was very similar conditions as the 1st. There was swell in the water, but just some small reform made it up to the beach.  The Pro heats were stacked all day starting with the quarter finals. John Akerman and Dave Scott both advance all the way to the finals, doing multiple trick combinations and varial flips. The tide backed out for the pro final and the heat turned into some of the most technical riding possible.  Everything from 540 shuvits out to the wave, to combo switch manuevers. In the end John Akerman took 3rd place and Dave Scott 4th.  John Akerman also took home the Crossover Tour win after getting 1st in the skate, 3rd in the surf, and 3rd in the skim! Zap Am rider Chuck Wright took home 2nd place in the Mens division. Congrats to the all the Zap riders and hope everyone enjoyed the event.  Here are some photos from today taken by Drew Cornwall. Zap Tent Jason Wilson Dave Scott Chris Brown Chuck Wright John Akerman Jason Wilson Derick Shenton Dave Scott John Akerman Jason Wilson John Akerman/ Crossover Tour Winner

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