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Fiesta De Shred Recap

This past Saturday was the annual Island Water Sport Fiesta De Shred event. Waves were small but still fun. We had a pretty bad rain and lightning storm towards the end of the contest that almost stopped the event. Luckily mother nature gave us a short window to finish the finals and get off the beach before the major part of it hit. Congrats to team riders Roman Hagar and Conor Bowden for winning their divisions! Check out the photos from the event below. Photo Credit: Dave Scott/Thais Racy z24 z23 z26 z28 z29 z10 z14 z19 z18 z20 z16 z31 z30 z32 z36 z33 z34 z25 z11 z7 z5 z2 z1 z37 z38

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