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Introducing The Skunkape: #skimsurfing

#skimsurfing is on the rise and we have the proper equipment to open a whole new world of wave riding possibilities.The Skunkape has been designed to enable riders paddling into waves with the ability to feel the speed of a skimboard. Historically, it has been nearly impossible for the average person to paddle into waves with a traditional skimboard. We have fixed this by creating a board with the perfect amount of float while preserving the skimboards main riding characteristics. Enter into a new realm of speed, release, and FUN. 2017_board_skunkape 2017_board_skunkape_thumb_03_lrg IMG_2353 IMG_2677 IMG_2683 IMG_2685 IMG_2571 IMG_2595 IMG_2622 IMG_2449 IMG_2518 IMG_1543 IMG_1526

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  • Isaiah pulaski

    I love it! Amazing idea hoping to get one soon!

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