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Kelmer: Local Session

Awesome photoset to of Costa Rican team rider Kelmer Sandooval. We can not wait to see what comes from him in the future. Always showing his unique progressive style. Here are a few photos of him and his buddies skimming Hermosa Beach. Photo || Jesse Artavia 1956777_10203647639813848_7285420863224533433_o 10468435_10203647639933851_5476624274031073226_o 10471221_10203647639653844_8470057485025252338_o 906049_10203647647854049_4459674049167989548_o 10830646_10203647649134081_1530632955240261453_o 10974746_10203647647614043_1521440642092218003_o 10834989_10203647650014103_3433370372617487506_o 10857197_10203647649694095_929909715322050294_o

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