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Mega Takes 2nd Place In Portugal

Portuguese team rider Emanuel "Mega" Embaixador takes 2nd place at the Zap "Nazaré" National Skimboard contest! Waves were some of the best you can ask for during the contest and Mega made the most of it.  Check out photos from the event below of Mega and Simão Pinto catching some really fun waves during the contest. Enjoy :) Photos || FREESKIMMAG 10470178_703909436350939_5058579802903698700_o 10014815_704439186297964_2535586857129110263_o 10257282_704967776245105_5200282370480628027_o 906388_703945233014026_4476808252201833780_o Photos || Tiago C. 10661770_10204164544569544_5082733863523606222_o 1614321_10204161935424317_493135073681799504_o 10540733_10204161937584371_8242021621447271223_o 10703996_10204161937184361_1986459153640061162_o 10661885_10204161936904354_5690754616621330299_o 1063855_10204162006226087_5699114633957377381_o 10636956_10204161935504319_8214680953593541341_o 10257584_10204161936584346_8344739752810205985_o

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