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New Board Art

Here at Zap Skimboards were are constantly improving the quality and performance of our boards. Recently Steve Boomhower and the crew have been on another mission to make the boards look as good as they perform. If you have not seen the new resin art styles that have been coming out of the factory then you are missing out! Follow our instagram (@zapskimboards) or Steve Boomhower (@boomhower_brigade) for the latest Zap creations. Here are just a few of the new boards made. Check them out and special order yours at your LOCAL DEALER. Enjoy :) 924041_817471071609971_559822665_n 10547192_1456864174571220_526866630_n 10543519_1593313114228316_1412200431_n 10525527_1427252610890258_492582951_n 10520345_745487892163526_1894748444_n 10520328_602589136518815_896929260_n 10520221_514045792030208_291973738_n 10518167_265257790346143_2087424973_n 10508003_615913295191081_48183105_n 10499177_1445491189047010_472276976_n 10488691_1529338990622213_304644599_n 10475126_467604366676252_1350601008_n 10472018_1503748209843853_2127524258_n 10467883_871235042905091_528111570_n 10448850_794183563966922_283455046_n 10413827_1430489643879586_1844438927_n 10413287_917210618304777_666213179_n   10362288_756620277694519_1107847489_n 10358193_661079710652362_1410742220_n 925038_1484294068472791_1303359402_n   891391_1451486068444461_270334085_n

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