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Panama City Beach: Day 1

The first day of the Panama City Beach Skim Jam went down today with some fun little gulf coast bumps. Its hard to say how many three shuvs were thrown down, but if we had to guess it would have to be up in the hundreds. Nonetheless we had a great day in the sun while it lasts with forecasted thunderstorms all day tomorrow. Check out a few shots of the team ripping it up today! photos: zach smetts pcb13_corbinbash corbin dull, style pcb13_bsshuv corbin dull pcb13_maxbbsair max smetts, b/s air pcb13_maxbigspin max smetts, big spin pcb13_derekbspin derek shenton, tossin' tech pcb13_derekbsair derek shenton, b/s air pcb13_001 A few shots from the contest area. pcb13_01 pcb13_1 pcb13_2 pcb13_3 pcb13_4 pcb13_5 new zap gear pcb13_6 pcb13_7

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