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Simão Wins in Portugal

Team rider Simão Pinto wins the first stage of the National Skim tour! The contest was in Lagoa, de albufeira, Sesimbra where he usually skims. The waves were nice and clean in the morning but turned windy during the afternoon which made conditions tough. Simão had some really clean rides giving him first against Joao Guerreiro (another local boy) on a man-on-man final. Check out the photos from event below. Photo Credit: André -RRevolution Photos/ Surf Clube Sesimbra skim1et_002 skim1et_0072 skim1et_0067 skim1et_0063 skim1et_0036 skim1et_0037 skim1et_0038 skim1et_0035 skim1et_0044 skim1et_007 skim1et_0066 image.php

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