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Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great year of waves and skimboarding. Check out what music gets some of the Zap team hyped to go skim . We asked them what song gets you ready to shred and why. Also click the link to listen. Maybe these will help you get ready for your session as well! Let us know your favorite song in a comment below. skim tunes Derek "Duke" Shenton - Outta Control by Rebelution  "It is a great one to vibe to free skimming or a good one to have in your heat. It gets me pumped up to the point where I feel like I can land any trick I try." 196 Steve Boomhower - Stick em' up by masked intruder "It's just a good song with lots of energy and funny lyrics." 1617709_10202641992325094_1893327667_o Zach Smetts - Painted Hatred by ASG Zach7 Stephen Bradford - Tove Lo Remix of Stay High " Just has a good sound that I haven't heard before." 421 Jason "JDub" Wilson - Meteor Hammer by Wu-tang "Makes me put my game face on and strap up my full suit. Winters are cold here in Delaware. Gotta keep it gangsta." 106 John Akerman - TNT by ACDC "What more can I say ... Everyone has jammed out to this one, this song gets me hyped for anything. Good or bad waves!" vilano-49-900x600 Chris Brown - Mambo Number 5 or Anything by the Front Bottoms "Cant beat those great beats to keep me amped." 1111 Roman Hager - Suit and Tie by Justin Timberland "Because it's funky and makes me want to sing, dance, and skim." z311 Dave "Monster" Armstrong - Ha Ha by G.B.H.  "Because it applies" 153 Casey Kiernan - Break Free by Ariana Grande "Because it is loud and girly and it helps me shake of fhe jitters when I'm frothing on the way to the beach." 1271-900x578 Dave Scott - No Control by Pepper No Control [Explicit] by Pepper on Grooveshark b11.5 Naji Taha - Audien Hindsight "This song gives me energy and motivation for how they make these mixes powerful and yet with so much more punch in the beat." b235

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