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South Florida Skim w/ Dave Scott

Dave Scott catching some fun waves in South Florida over the past 2 months. This winter has been pretty slow for waves but when they were here the weather was great and the water was nice. Check out Dave at a few of the better spots to skim in the south. Starting off with some liners and airs in Palm Beach. Photo Credit: Marcos Casteluber d14 d15 d16 d17 d18 d19 d20 Next spot that which is pretty similar is the south side of Boynton Inlet. Photo Credit: Drew Cornwall d1 d2 d4 d5 d3 And lastly a few by the port of Fort Lauderdale. This place is pretty scenic when the huge cruise ships set sail. Photo Credit: Jason Wilson Edit: Drew Cornwall d11 d10 d9 d7 d8 d6 d12

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