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South Side Shootout Recap

The 2013 South Side Shootout went well this past weekend and as always, was a blast. The Zap team was there to compete and support each other. Though the conditions were less than prime, with hard winds out of the south, there was still a steady bump throughout the weekend. Many Zap team riders placed on the podium throughout the ranks. AM riders Patrick Monigle and Casey Ritzer took 2nd and 3rd in the boys division. Sam McCoy took 1st in the Jr. Men's and 2nd in Semi-Pro divisions. New team rider Ed Hayden took 1st in Masters division. Women's rider Helen Holt took 3th and Womens Pro rider Libby Rendal took 4th also. Chris brown received 3rd place in men's and 1st in the semi pro divisions. Also a big shout out to pro rider, Dave Scott, for placing fourth in the pro division! Thanks to all of the sponsors that help support our sport. The next contest is in Belmar, New Jersey where we will be representing. See you there! Men's Professional Results 1st: Jack Tenney 2nd: Austin Keen 3rd: Perry Pruitt 4th: Dave Scott ZAP 5th: Brad Domke 6th: Morgan Just Words: Chris Brown Photos: Dave Scott/Max Smetts ssf21 ssf1 ssf2 ssf9 ssf13 ssf14 ssf15 ssf8 ssf12 ssf10 ssf7 ssf3 ssf4 ssf6 ssf5 ssf11 ssf16 ssf20 ssf18 ssf17 ssf19 ssf22 ssf23 ssf24 ssf25 ssf26 ssf27 ssf28 ssf29 ssf30 ssf31 ssf32

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