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Sununga Event: Final Recap

So this years Sununga contest was just as amazing as last years. The level of riding, wave quality, and atmosphere could not have been much better. The Zap team didn't make it past the quarter finals but still managed to get great waves in the competition. Local rider Leandro Azevedo and Californian Blair Conklin battled it out, catching in and out barrel after barrel in the final. The scores were close with Leandro edging out Blair to take the win at his local beach. We still have the Amateur division final tomorrow and an expression session on Saturday so stay tuned for more media. Here are some photo from the second part of the contest. Photos: Dave Scott/Rodrigo Haberfeld c2 c1 c8 c7 c11 c9 c12 c6 c5 c4 c3 c13 c10

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