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Tybee Island Results

The Tybee Island Takeover turned out to be a big success today.  Even though tropical storm Emily faded significantly, she still sent Tybee some decent swell! Waves were fun and lining up on the inside of the jetty as we had hoped.  The tide filled in just right as the heats began.  This year it was decided that we would split the divisions up into 3 categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  The finals for each division were really close but everyone seemed to have fun and get some good waves. Here are some results and photos of the event today. Enjoy! :) Beginner: 1st: Steven Dabois 2nd: Hunter Morris 3rd: Logan Harst Intermediate: 1st: Sean Taylor 2nd: Brian Nettles 3rd: Dustin Calbreath Advanced: 1st: Benji Sanders 2nd: Zach Belmonte (Team Zap) 3rd: Leland Lively Jetties Spectators Team rider Zach Belmonte Intermediate division winner Sean with contest organizer Brad on the wave behind him. Beginner division getting ready for their heat Demo boards Advanced division winner Benji on a heat winning liner Zach doing some announcing Zap cornhole Local ripper Leland on a good one Sean going around the piling Zach Brad Check tomorrows post for some more photos from the afternoon session when the waves picked up!

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