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Vilano Pro / Am Full Recap

This past weekend the Florida Pro/AM went down at Vilano Beach in Northern Florida. When we showed up we were graced with some of the best conditions we have seen for the contest in a few years. There was a solid 1-3 foot swell from the south that set up great for long lines and wraps. Everyone was amped and the contest kicked off on Friday with the preliminary rounds for the Amateurs. What makes this contest so unique is that RDS Steve has a double elimination format for the Amateurs that gives everyone two chances which makes it fun! On Saturday the event started with the Pro division and the action was nonstop. With all the best riders in attendance, it was heated in very contestable conditions. Some standouts from day 1 were Matt Buchanan, John Akerman, and Ellen Wood. On Sunday the finals went down. We were stoked to see John Akerman make it to the Pro Final in a Man V. Man format versus Sam Stinnett. They battled it out and John ended in 2nd place losing by just under a point. We were also very proud of our Women Pro rider Ellen Wood for taking 2nd and Cole Hutchinson for taking the win in the 18-21 divisions. They killed it all weekend! We want to give a very special shout out to our very own Chip Saunders who hangs with us at every contest and is always such as positive person to be around. He was awarded with the sportsmanship award presented to him by Brad Evers. There is no other person we felt more deserving of the award and we are grateful to have him in our crew! IMG_8558 IMG_8559 IMG_8560 IMG_8561 IMG_8562 IMG_8563 IMG_8658 IMG_8674 IMG_8696 IMG_8555 IMG_8794 IMG_8642 _MG_0608 _MG_0560 _MG_1000 _MG_1051 _MG_0829 _MG_1284 _MG_1253 _MG_1293 _MG_1513 _MG_1219 _MG_1157 _MG_0781 _MG_0787 _MG_0519 IMG_8752 IMG_8764 IMG_8661 IMG_8694 IMG_8677 IMG_8598 IMG_8544

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