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Yair Takes 1st + Gerardo 2nd!

Congrats to brother and team riders Yair and Gerado Valencia for taking 1st and 2nd in their divisions this past weekend in Mexico. Full results below. Amateur 1rd place Yair Valencia 2nd place Elias Nasario 3rd place Elio Aly Stl Open 1rd place Jose Eduardo Vm 2nd place Gerardo Valencia 3RD PLACE ANDRES CHICKEN Wipeot and performance Yuyo Lopez 15167610_1149304065118311_4288105589795491522_o 15259165_1148815808500470_1601159678383058093_o 15135949_1147141545334563_9111482725644347007_n 15167620_1150510831664301_2518128923068302527_o 15202496_10202262306954859_2528363480624299669_n 15193457_10202262308114888_3963618806780305408_n 15193479_1517409904941519_6824119793999390671_n

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