M5 51"

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Handmade in the USA
Built in and shipped from our factory in Venice, FL

If you want a board that will help you get through those weaker sections of waves and float over white wash sections with ease, the M5 might just be what you need. The M5 boasts a balanced, symmetrical outline which is a great feature when executing technical tricks and maneuvers. This board is also a little wider in the midsection. This, in conjunction with the fuller, more symmetrical outline is why the M5 is able to help power you through those mushy sections and allow you to throw tech tricks everywhere in-between.

Board Specs

Model #:  M551 
Model Name:  M5
Dimensions:  51" x 21"
Thickness:  5/8"
Rider Ht. Range:  5'1" - 5'11"
Rider Wt. Limit:  175 lbs.