Zap Chimp BLEM Skimboard

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This is a factory BLEM.  There are minor cosmetic imperfections, nothing that will affect the boards performance.  All Zap Chimp BLEM Skimboards ship assorted colors. Please specify your color preference during checkout, and we will do our best to deliver your choice.  BLEMS are marked at either 10% or 20% off depending on how noticeable the imperfection is. 

This is the ultimate grom board! When shaping this board, we had in mind what younger riders need in a board to help them progress. The result was an outline that has a wider nose and tail while maintaining a streamlined overall shape. This allows the Chimp to be very forgiving when groms are trying to learn a new trick and it provides plenty of float to take on waves. It is super light yet durable enough to withstand the everyday grind that comes along with being grom!  

Model Size Dimensions Thickness Rider Ht. Range Rider Wt. Limit
CH38 Small 38″ x 18″ ¾ 3’9″ – 4’7″ 90 lbs.
CH42 Medium 42″ x 18.6″ ¾ 4’3″ – 5’2″ 100 lbs.
CH46 Large 46″ x 19.75″ ¾ 4’6″ – 5’5″ 120 lbs.